Air Freight

Air freight is a method of transporting cargo through an air carrier. Air freight transportation is a fast and efficient mode of transport proving particularly valuable to businesses needing to import cargo for production, as well as export cargo to international customers fast and efficiently. We at ALS add value by moving cargo safely, timeously, and cost-effectively across the globe. We also pride ourselves in real-time updates as we aware of the time-sensitive nature of this cargo.

Road Freight

Ground freight, or road freight, is a method of transporting cargo on roadways with the use of a vehicle, usually by truck. Road transport is a classic mode of transportation and remains a versatile option today, well-suited to many needs. ALS offers our clients an efficient and streamlined road freight transport service, as well as our dedicated cross-border department.


Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a method of transporting large quantities of cargo using carrier ships. Cargo is packed into containers and loaded onto a vessel. Sea freight is the cost-effective solution for the transportation of large quantities of cargo which is not time sensitive. Whether our clients require FCL or LCL shipping, ALS offers cargo transport by sea freight coupled with cost-effective rates and value-added services.


Warehousing is the safe storage of cargo within a specified area or building. Warehousing is a key component of logistics management and how companies manage the transportation and storage of their cargo. All ALS warehouses nationally provide the space, equipment, storage and supplies that our clients need to store, move, package and process orders which are automated in real time.


Freight Forwarding

The essence of freight forwarding is to ensure that the cargo is picked up from the consignor (supplier) and delivered to the consignee (importer) at the required place, at the right price and in the same condition that it is picked up from the origin, using only the most suitable resources and routing possible. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise in all modes of transportation – road, air and sea, ALS is more than capable of providing cost-effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions based on our client’s requirements.

Third-party Logistics

Third-party logistics are companies that provide one or many of a variety of logistics-related services, which include transportation, storage, and freight consolidation. Over the years, ALS has built up an extensive network of agents locally and across the globe. With our exclusive relationships within the logistics sector, ALS can provide our clients with a more agile supply chain - a necessity in today’s uncertain market environment.


Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing leaves no room for hidden fees or surprises

All supporting documentation will be duly submitted on all ALS invoices owing to our multiple disbursements to suppliers for the likes of Transnet Port Authority, Shipping Line charges, Customs & Excise.

Warehouse Storage

With over 9 fully-owned warehouses nationally, our warehouse storage solutions keep your stock safe & secure

We offer all our import/export clients warehousing options at our triple A grade facilities nationwide.

Real-Time Tracking

We believe our clients to keep always kept in the loop – know where your shipment is at every step of the way

Owing to heavy investment in cloud-based solutions in 2019 we are glad to offer our clients real-time tracking portal to provide timelines of their shipments 24/7.

Security for Cargo

Security you can trust – our top priority is protecting our clients cargo with state of-the-art measures and rigorous safety protocols

When it comes to cargo, security is paramount, our dedicated team of warehouse experts take every precaution to ensure your cargo is protected from start to finish. All ALS Facilities are equipped with cutting-edge surveillance technology and with a team trained extensively to identify & mitigate risks.

Customs & Excise consultation

Navigate customs & excise with ease

Our dedicated professionals are here to ensure your shipments comply with regulations of Customs & Excise.