At Your Service

African Logistic Services' commitment is to provide superior international freight service, unique to our industry, ensuring that every customer enjoys helpful, efficient and reliable service at all times. Our team of skilled people is dedicated to understanding and satisfying our customers' requirements and is ready to support our customers in achieving their business goals.

Through the ongoing development of our most important asset, our people, we intend to achieve our goal as the market leader. We perceive our responsibilities towards our clients as complying with the following performance standards:

T - L - C - The ALS systemic approach


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Ensures that our client has a Single View of its Import Process.

Achieved by:

• Access to reporting information via WEB TRACKER and ultimately full integration with SAP or other ERP.

Quarterly Assurance Audits to ensure that there are no Compliance Breaches

• An “ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE” culture to key resources within the ALS Operational Team

ALS has pre-emptively overhauled its current freight system to achieve total administrative control by:
• Managing: Documentation Management
• Processing: Electronic Submission to SARS
• Reporting: Accurate & Real Time MIS Reporting to our Clients and ALS
• Ensures that technology is fully exploited to be an enabler.
• Our “Technology Centric” approach will ensure predictability and the removal of waste from the value chain
• Ensures a culture of Continuous Improvement to guarantee future-proofing

• Our clean approach is a result of a formally engineered STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE which will be implemented to ensure 100% process parity (standardization) and zero process malfunction
• Quality Assurance component
• Dedicated operational team for our clients which includes SMEs